Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Introduction to this new blog

Hi and welcome.  I'm really not sure why I started another blog - I'm not that good at keeping my old ones maintained - lol.  I think I've given up on them (well until I return to Venice - then I'll start my Venice blog up again).  But I need to get back into the discipline of writing....so let's give it another go shall we?

As some of you know, I write book reviews on the work page (James Bennett Pty Limited) and on GoodReads but why not have my own site?  Afterall there are some book reviews I don't put on either! (yes erotica I'm looking at you!!)

And while this new book ramble might be review focussed, sometimes it might not be a review but an observation or a discussion I'd like to encourage in the Australian book industry.  Afterall, I've worked in it for 23+ years!  These days I manage publisher relations and marcomms for the country's largest library supplier but they are not affiliated with this blog.  (Yes, these are my opinions not those of the company I've worked for this past decade, yada yada yada). 

At the end of the day I talk print books, I talk ebooks. Somedays I just talk!  Or write here as the case may be.  I love books, I love the local book industry, so let's have some fun - and enjoy the read.

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